Octopus Motor is a game company. We're currently working on They Came From Hollywood, a giant B-movie monster game for the PC.

You can find out all you need to know about us here.

NEW--> We wrote a Photoshop plug-in that makes Kirby Dots --it can be found here.

What does Octopus Motor mean, anyway? Well, The Golden Turkey Awards by Harry and Michael Medved details the making of director Ed Wood's awful "Bride of The Monster":

"Wood's script calls for Bela Lugosi to be squeezed to death in the tentacles of a giant octopus...he would dazzle his audience with a spectacular mechanical octopus he had copped from Columbia Studios. Only one problem remained: no one in Wood's crew could find the motor that was supposed to cause the beast to wiggle its fearsome tentacles. Stuck with a model octopus that did absolutely nothing, Wood instructed an off-screen stagehand to throw Bela Lugosi on top of the rubber creature and hope for the best. The film's unfortunate star struggles valiantly to convince us that a life-or-death battle is taking place between a terrified human and an insatiable beast...Lugosi sits on the passive octopus while flailing his own arms and trying to pull the tentacles around his body."

I figured it made either a good name for a band or a game company, and since my guitar playing hasn't really advanced beyond Ramones-level in fifteen years, we'll stick with "game company".

Note: Octopus Motor also used to be the name of this really old, really weird site I did back in 1995. You can still see it here.
I told you it was weird.
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